Lab Rules

Guidelines for expected behaviour across all SoCS Labs.

  • These facilities are provided by the University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science department, access is only given to SoCS students, and should not be given to anyone else. Ensure doors are shut and locked behind you.
  • Unless prearranged with SoCSTech, machines should only be used for educational purposes – gaming is prohibited.
  • Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated, quiet working should always be maintained.
  • If audio is required, you must wear headphones.
  • Absolutely no food or drink is to be consumed in the labs, this also applies to food and drinks with lids.
  • Respect your environment – labs should be left tidy ready for the next set of students to use
  • Lab computers have Deepfreeze enabled, and will revert to a clean image on every boot, if you need anything saving, ensure you take advantage of Cloud Storage or your own external storage.
  • Software suggestions are encouraged – please contact us here or via so we can take a look at your request and potentially add it to our image.
  • Labs are teaching spaces – not a shortcut. Demonstrators can refuse access to anyone using them as such.
  • Students are welcome to use the labs outside of timetabled sessions. However, this will be privy to current COVID regulations and guidelines.
  • Staff and/or demonstrators may ask you to leave if you are not part of a timetabled event, if asked, please leave in an orderly fashion.
  • Between 18:00 and 06:00 please ensure you are aware of and adhere to lone working policy, ensuring you have signed the Lone Working Sheet in the Lobby of the INB (next to the double automatic doors).