Lab Image Release Notes

This is a collection of Release Notes for all of our Lab Images. We still use Monolithic type images, but this is something we’re currently working away from!

Image Tags

Lab Image tags look like this: 23SEMA-22H2-0-1AB. Below is a breakdown of what that actually means

23SEMAThe image was put together for the academic year starting in 2023, for Semester A.
22H2Denotes what build of Windows 11 the image uses
0An incremental index that shows the specific version of this image. 0 means it’s the first version of this tag, and will increment by 1 if we have to make a major change
1ABShows which lab this image is for. Hopefully obselete soon!

Release Notes

Image TagNotesLab Specific Changes
23SEMA-22H2-0Currently being built