What is Deepfreeze?

Deepfreeze is a System Management tool installed across all SoCS PCs across all labs. It combines various functions that enable easier management of the labs as a whole, and allows us to quickly pin down any machine that could be having issues. It also allows us to help keep our System Images fresh.

Why we use Deepfreeze

The biggest thing Students will notice with Deepfreeze is that machines effectively revert to a clean image on boot, destroying any system changes between boots. This means that work is not left on machines, as well as any accounts that may have been accidentally signed into, keeping student data safe. It also combines some functionality which helps prevent the running of certain executables, keeping the system clean, and preventing attacks or mining attempts.

Because System changes are destroyed, any software you chose to install will not persist on that machine – therefore, if you do have any requests or suggestions with regards to software provision, tell us here, where we will be able to consider adding it into our next System Image release.